Monday, August 2, 2010

WORKING GIRL POST!! personal style challenge: dressing for the workplace. Why? Because my style is way off the charts compared to what is called for in my particular career environment. I work in the field of law (I'm a court reporter by day) and I work in a different place with different people every single day. I live in a constant wave of first impressions where conservative is the most professional way to go. It's not like I work in an office and I get to know everyone and they get to know me so that if my style gets a little crazy from day to day, it's okay because they'd be like, "oh, Megan."

But HOW can I dress as cute as I wanna dress without giving off the wrong vibe? My fashion feelings are so oppressed! And this is why I'll probably post lots of "work" outfits where I'll push just as far as I think is safe but way more simple than I'd like (ugh, safe is so not fun in Megan's fashion world). But still as cute as I can possibly be!

Today's Inspiration comes from secretaries in the old movies. I love old movies.
Some really great info about this mom made it! She's an amazing seamstress! Anytime I show her something I'd love to buy, she tells me how easy it is to make it. She's the Queen of DIY! This particular jumper is copied from Bettie Page's Librarian Jumper, which I am in LOVE with Bettie Page style -- vintage Hollywood my personal love --

What else am I wearing? (in this really simple outfit)
F21 blouse
Aldo hot pink suede pumps
jewelry -- not sure but not much anyway. I kept it classic with rhinestones and pearls.

And after all of this getting dressed for work this morning, I don't have to work today. My job day canceled and now I have time to pack for Hawaii! yay!

Yep, most of the fam is heading off to visit my home (Maui) and I'm so excited! Cousin pics from the beach to follow soon :)

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