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So grab some popcorn and maybe some coffee and enjoy our story..


Our history with Maui all in one breath:

Megan grew up in Maui; Angelique pseudo did too. All of Meg's family still lives in Maui. Both hearts will reside there forever...The end.

So we just spent the last 2 weeks in Maui (which really felt like 2 months). It was fun, exhausting, busy, and awesome! We woke up everyday around 7:00am and went to bed no earlier than 11:00pm. We had family and friends coming in and out the entire time, I think at one point we all went to dinner and we had a total of 32 of us there. SO GREAT!!! Usually we go there with a bikini, a dress, and a toothbrush. But not this time! We were DETERMINED to dress up strictly for blogging purposes. Buuuuut let's be honest, a lot of the time we barely showered...what?

But when we did look decent we managed to sneak away for a photo shoot with ONLY the best photographers..

CHAPTER 1: Leavin' on a jet plane

So we kicked the boyfriend (meg's and meg's only..) to the back of the plane so we could sit next to each other and be girls. Since both of us have a.d.d. we had to keep ourselves busy by doing what else?...MAKE-UP!! and watching old movies...aaaaand making the guy next to us miserable...



CHAPTER 2: Hard Rock Hotties

One of the first nights we were there we had an ocean front dinner with the fam and snuck (sneaked??) away to take pics of our outfits at sunset. Tough life...we know :)

**The long-haired cutie is Angelique's best friend...and our photographer for the night. Thanks Arista!

On Meg: H&M tank dress, Steve Madden platforms, F21 turquoise earrings, and the ever-present hair rubberband :)

On Liques: F21 shorts, Wet Seal crop sweater (which I got for a penny...a-thank you), sandals from who knows, ring from Maui Swap Meet (many years ago), vintage earrings from my mom.


Maui's best kept secret and Hawaii's best shopping experience by far is a thrift store called Savers in Kahului town. It's packed with junk and gems that are to die for. Meg's mom and sister are masters at finding treasures in this little store of shopping pleasure such as a Prada purse, Armani cashmere sweater, Seven Brand jeans, Polo blazers...the list goes on and on. All below 10 bucks! As the saying goes: One woman's junk is another woman's treasure.

Enter: Angelique and Megan

In love with Woody car lamp...

Meg's sister...

Found this Gucci satchel. Is it real? Don't know but I love.

What are we wearing? Well, Angelique looks cute in a gifted dress from Mango, but Megan just went on a two-mile run, so she's! Haha!

We left with huge bags of future outfit posts. Can't wait to rock some of this stuff!

CHAPTER 4: Dinner on Front Street

We were tired, we were lazy, but we managed to snap one shot each (albeit really dark and hard-to-see) of our thrown-together island style outfits.

Meg: Vintage Tommy Bahama top (from Savers...woo hoo!), Bongo jean shorts I got from the sales rack at Kohl's, F21 turquoise earrings (seen above), Guess handbag.

Liques: H&M harem-ish pants, Victoria's Secret bikini top and shirt, belt from Savers!, F21 sandals and clutch.

But hold on...what are those matching bracelets on our wrists (if you can even see them)? See DIY below in Chapter 6

CHAPTER 5: Drums of the Pacific

If you haven't been to a luau in the Hawaiian islands, you must. It is so much fun. With free-flowing Mai Tai's, dancing and singing from all the countries in the Pacific Ocean (including the hot Samoan fire knife dancer), and "onolicious" local food, even the locals can't deny it's a great night at the beach. Did I mention the food? Because we dug deep in the lomi lomi salmon, kalua pig, mahi mahi, and poi (if you don't like poi, more for us).

And true to the nature of our family, we were rollin' deep with 35 people.

Some of the ladies...

Private photo shoot with our little photographer (seen below)

And here she is, the most adorable princess in the world and a fashionista in her own right....Kuleana

no joke..she's 5 and took all of these pics.

Meg: F21 crop top, Candies leopard bra, white hot-pants from I don't know where but I'd like to say I borrowed them from my grandma, Cathy Jean heels, DSW leopard clutch, F21 bracelets, shell necklace courtesy of the Luau

Angelique: F21 black heart ring & shorts (which clearly I wear everyday), H&M halter, Juicy cork wedges, and shell necklace to match Meg's


So I'm not really sure how it came about but I (Liques) think I just straight out asked Kuleana to be my best friend. And she accepted! So we wanted to make it official by making matching BFF bracelets and along the way we accumulated a few more BFF's!

Notice the intense faces..

CHAPETR 7: You know you make me wanna SHOUT!

is the one song I wanted to hear at The Temptations concert we went to at The MAC and they didn't sing it waaaaaaah :( However, it was such a fun night. We rolled up in Meg's dad's 1966 Chevy BelAir, listening to oldies on our way to see some oldies. CLASSIC night!

Meg: Arden B. orange top (originally a shrug but I had my mom cut and sew into whatever that is), Arden B. mini skirt

Angelique: F21 army green shorts and clutch, Freeloader top, Aztec earrings I got from an open mic

Thanks for stickin' through our novel. We had a blast dressing up but most of our fun happened when we weren't looking so cute. So here are a FEW, I mean a very few of our pics that can sum up our unforgettable trip home.

EPILOGUE: the rest of our trip consisted of jumping off cliffs, hiking through pitch black lava tubes, sunrise on top of a volcano, swimming with sharks and sea turtles, surfing, bamboo forests, jogging through pineapple fields, pizza tossing, and eating lots of fresh coconuts and lilikoi.

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