Sunday, October 10, 2010


Outside a gig in Santa Monica at Zanzibar. We saw Destiny perform (don't have pics of her) but DANG! her voice gave me chills. And this is what I wore

f21 blouse
vintage belt
mystery pants
Charlotte Russe blazer and shoes
Guess purse

Then one of my favorite people in the world, Aimee, was visiting from Israel and we met up with her at a cute little gypsy cafe in the OC.  Check out this barrel fountain thing

We decided to share my scarf

Oh, nothing.  Just chillin' in our leather.
Why can't I get that cool-no-smile look down for out impromptu photoshoots?!  My boyfriend does it so well.   P.s. Angelique is really good at it too!

Saw this sweet ride in the parking lot and we couldn't resist using it as a photo prop.  Hahahaha!  That GQ pose cracks me up!
f21 leather jacket and green khaki pants (but I can't stand the pants, they drive me insane)
mystery leopard scarf and gray tee
Wild Diva boots
LV purse

Went dancing with my girl Michele, just us two...awww.  She's a great date

Love Culture Romper
Mixx nude pumps
f21 hand jewelry

Well, I'm off to the circus.  Happy Sunday!


BlueVanilla said...

Love your look....those pants and shoes look great. I too have the prob not lips always look awkward lol
Lookin gorg as usual...great photo lineup :)

SMASH said...

Awe you went to the Gypsy Den at the Lab in Costa Mesa huh? Love that place!

p.s. following back :)


Marcia B. said...

Looks like you had a blast as usual!!! Love the G pose by the car lol