Monday, October 4, 2010

Now that's just Silly!

Megan's exact words: "ok Angelique, I think we got it.." - uhhhhh I'm pretty sure none of these pictures are flattering. CLEARLY I'm a better photographer than her. For instance, I'm exposing my stomach, so this bitch says "sit down on the bench" hahaha ok so you get a picture of me sucking in my life..

walking away...great shot Meg!

Getting a branch out of my face, but at least it's far away...I guess?

Bringing it back baby! 80's!!

ok, here we go! Now that's a picture!!! Work it out Meg..

GORGEOUS! You're an animal!!!

raaaaawrrrrr. Love it!

Matching clogs awwwww besties!

Angelique: F21 shirt and skirt, Charlotte Russe clogs, thrifted earrings, and borrowed gold shirt ring from Grandma (which you know means it's vintage) 

Megan: she'll fill you in after work..

OK! So there's a "Silly" phenomenon going on and I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed. Everywhere I look I see people wearing these Silly bracelets that have evolved now to rings and necklaces. I think it's more popular with the middle/high schoolers but every age in my family is wearing them. Even ME! I just didn't know what I was wearing when my cousin gave them to me. But it's pretty cool, kids trade them and give them away and you collect them. They're bright neon so that means they go with everything haha whatever, I think it's cute :)

Our cousin Kassandra wearing the latest Silly fashion

Auntie Marina even rocks the Sillyness

baby Gavin has been knighted prince of Silly

even camera-phobe Grandma has a special Hello Kitty Silly

OH! and a quick congrats to Ashley over at blashter! Meg and I have known Ashley for quite some time now and she is the most amazingly sweet and fashionable person around. While checking my email this morning, a very special WhoWhatWear daily email pops up and I check it and see this:

This fashionista was spotted in Orange County by WWW's Real Girls: Real Style. Check out the video HEEEEEERRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!! 

Have an amazing Monday everyone!!!!


BlueVanilla said...

Hah your photo comments cracked me girls look totally diggin the shirt ring..i gotta find one! Those bracelets are EVERYWHERE!Wish i would have thought of that!!

K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X said...

You girls are too cute! I also am enjoying the photo captions! LOVE it!

Nicola @ xx

SMASH said...

haha this post seriously made me laugh, you guys are adorable. and silly bracelets!!! I see them everywhere.


jamie-lee said...

haha oh man, you're funny! You both have cute outfits, and love the matching shoes xx

Caroline said...

Pretty outfits! Love the maxi skirt! AND YAYYY for the silly jewellery, haha!
Thanks for your comment by the way, it was so sweet! I know, the blogger photo uploader is slowly driving me mad!
Loving your blog too!

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love this and your whole blog so much. Just so much inspiration. Stunning.


marina said...

so pretty and sexy!!


StuddedLilly said...

you girls are so so cutee! i know exactly how it feels when you get together with your bestie and just have fun! i love the long skirt and the shoes!

Ashley said...

I love the matching clogs, too cute! And I think all the pics came out great! :D


Tanya said...

I love the maxi skirt.