Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meg's First Post!

Yay! And I realize that these blogs are really just so us ladies have a place to document our outfits because...well, like we really need a reason. Anyway, this is no spectacular OMG outfit, but it is, however, the must-have of the season! The mini romper. So in love! In fact, I may not post much this summer on clothing because I'll just be wearing this.

.....I wonder if there's a way to wear this to work...hmmm

What I'm wearing...

-Mini Floral Romper from Target (Go Target!)
-Nude Aldo wedges
-pearl watch from an Mexico escapade ;)
-sea shell necklace custom made by my friend's dad
-Shades...not sure summer vacation kinda begins now!

1 comment:

Britters said...

LOVE the dark hair and pumps...and yay for rompers!!