Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hi! welcome...

sooooo this is our bloggggg.

I'm Angelique
And I'm Megan!

and we're COUSINS! yay!! ok so we wanted to blog about basically anything that inspires us creatively. For years we have been sharing fashion thoughts, creative ideas, super fun projects, and we have SO much fun going through other people's blogs that we were like

"wait a minute! let's have a blog too!"



"ok! Let's do it!"

::high five::

"omg let's post our moms and grandma!"

"yeeeeeeeeah" (really breathy and drawn out) you get the idea

Through this blog we hope to share our views on fashion past, present, and future. Including our daily do's...and dont's, we're not scared of you! And basically whatever the hell we feel like blogging about, so deal...and enjoy!

First up...


YOOOOOOO!!! Today was (eh) but did wind up going shopping (yeh) and ran a bunch of errands with my mom, who you will get to know extremely well (get excited). Earlier in the day I went through some old pics of our family, mostly from the 70's annnnnd OH EM GEE fashion was stupid amazing back in those days. So I felt inspired to go casual 70's to Petsmart..

^Hi! That's me!^ punching you in the face. BAM!

Ok I'm wearing:

~Hand me down brown crochet top
~F21 shorts, sandals, parrot double ring, and bangles
~Leopard belt from I don't remember
~"best fucking friends" necklace by In God We Trust *other half is worn by Arista :)*
~Vintage 80's earrings I stole from my mom
~Afsp bracelet



I feel like I have SO MUCH TO SHARE!! (by the way, I love CAPS). Anyway, today I stayed home in a few layers of pajamas and one day I'll blog about just how many patterns you can wear together. But as for now, I want to share a few photos of one of my favorite theme parties (one of many) that our family threw....the very trendy '80s party! It's just a snippet from the life of Megan and Angelique <3<3

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

::whispers:: "...and coffee" - Angelique

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