Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mondays at The Mint

For the past couple Mondays we have been going to The Mint in L.A. to see a new friend perform. You probably know Mark Ballas from "Dancing With The Stars", but you might not know that he also plays music and is pretty damn good at it. I met Mark and his mom recently due to their involvement with AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). My mom (seen below) is the Chairman of the L.A. chapter, went to Shirley Ballas's 50th bday party where instead of gifts, she wanted everyone to donate to the cause. They racked up close to $50,000 which is SOOOOO incredible. Now we're all Bff's! Yay! after he and Bristol perform he runs over to The Mint to perform AGAIN! It's a good time, so if you're in L.A. go check him out! Meg and I will be there, so don't be a creeper and introduce yourself! :)

Angelique: Wet Seal top with lace sleeves, H&M pants, Roxy jacket from a million years ago, Steve Madden Luxe pumps, F21 feather necklace/pearl ring/elephant ring/beaded bracelet, Melody Ehsani watch ring, Marciano clutch

Megan: F21 tee and sparkly blue pants (from the F21 sample sale, wooHah!), Candies leopard bra (since you can see it), Aldo heeled oxfords, Guess? silver clutch

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Outside a gig in Santa Monica at Zanzibar. We saw Destiny perform (don't have pics of her) but DANG! her voice gave me chills. And this is what I wore

f21 blouse
vintage belt
mystery pants
Charlotte Russe blazer and shoes
Guess purse

Then one of my favorite people in the world, Aimee, was visiting from Israel and we met up with her at a cute little gypsy cafe in the OC.  Check out this barrel fountain thing

We decided to share my scarf

Oh, nothing.  Just chillin' in our leather.
Why can't I get that cool-no-smile look down for out impromptu photoshoots?!  My boyfriend does it so well.   P.s. Angelique is really good at it too!

Saw this sweet ride in the parking lot and we couldn't resist using it as a photo prop.  Hahahaha!  That GQ pose cracks me up!
f21 leather jacket and green khaki pants (but I can't stand the pants, they drive me insane)
mystery leopard scarf and gray tee
Wild Diva boots
LV purse

Went dancing with my girl Michele, just us two...awww.  She's a great date

Love Culture Romper
Mixx nude pumps
f21 hand jewelry

Well, I'm off to the circus.  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Double Crush!

Johnny and Angelina coming up in a movie together....just beautiful

Photo: The News Chronicle

I know, I know.  Not much to do with fashion, but I just think it's so gorgeous


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Textures

Yesterday was the first real sign that it's fall in So Cal.  Yay!  But I already miss the sun:(  But I had fun wearing this hat and I did manage to catch a few rays of sun for the pics.  My mom pulled out all her old hats from years gone by and they are So Freaking Cool!  So here's one that I used as my rain hat.  I got so many compliments on my ensemble and the funny thing was everyone thought it was a dress.  It's two pieces and I was going for mixing textures.  I've got lace and taffeta (yes, taffeta) and then my shoes I got from I think  My shoes and I are having a love affair and she was only $20!  AND I got the skirt at the F21 sample sale a few weeks ago for like 4 bucks!  Less than a latte ;)...shout out to the bargains!

kind of an f21 ad:
f21 lace top (old)
f21 skirt
Go Jane suede heels

Vintage hat from Mom's closet

Also props to the attorney (Meghan) I worked with yesterday who wore a faux snake skin skirt suit! Love it when the the lawyers get all fashiony!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Now that's just Silly!

Megan's exact words: "ok Angelique, I think we got it.." - uhhhhh I'm pretty sure none of these pictures are flattering. CLEARLY I'm a better photographer than her. For instance, I'm exposing my stomach, so this bitch says "sit down on the bench" hahaha ok so you get a picture of me sucking in my life..

walking away...great shot Meg!

Getting a branch out of my face, but at least it's far away...I guess?

Bringing it back baby! 80's!!

ok, here we go! Now that's a picture!!! Work it out Meg..

GORGEOUS! You're an animal!!!

raaaaawrrrrr. Love it!

Matching clogs awwwww besties!

Angelique: F21 shirt and skirt, Charlotte Russe clogs, thrifted earrings, and borrowed gold shirt ring from Grandma (which you know means it's vintage) 

Megan: she'll fill you in after work..

OK! So there's a "Silly" phenomenon going on and I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed. Everywhere I look I see people wearing these Silly bracelets that have evolved now to rings and necklaces. I think it's more popular with the middle/high schoolers but every age in my family is wearing them. Even ME! I just didn't know what I was wearing when my cousin gave them to me. But it's pretty cool, kids trade them and give them away and you collect them. They're bright neon so that means they go with everything haha whatever, I think it's cute :)

Our cousin Kassandra wearing the latest Silly fashion

Auntie Marina even rocks the Sillyness

baby Gavin has been knighted prince of Silly

even camera-phobe Grandma has a special Hello Kitty Silly

OH! and a quick congrats to Ashley over at blashter! Meg and I have known Ashley for quite some time now and she is the most amazingly sweet and fashionable person around. While checking my email this morning, a very special WhoWhatWear daily email pops up and I check it and see this:

This fashionista was spotted in Orange County by WWW's Real Girls: Real Style. Check out the video HEEEEEERRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!! 

Have an amazing Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Angelique's bday weekend bash!

My birthday was a while ago, 9/11, but Megan (ahem!) is a slacker. So here's the photo diary of my bday weekend BIZZash!

We started out at La Vida restaurant in Hollywood..

Then Partied it up at Highlands on Hollywood and Highland..

The next night we had the family over for a din din..


and my favorite birthday shirt!


Afterwards we went to Howl at the Moon, where they always do a little something for the birthday girl. In my case, they made me do a little something haha


All in all, it was a great birthday and I think, now that's it's officially Oct.1, I can stop celebrating. Happy almost Halloween! now I just need figure out my costume! Any ideas?!?

Saturday night: F21 mini dress, borrowed sequined butterfly shirt from grandma, thigh high boots gifted from Megan!

Sunday night: Gifted shirt from our cousin Vanessa, Bebe high waisted skirt, F21 belt, Hot pink VELCRO Steve Madden pumps